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Frequently Asked Questions

ARE YOU OPEN DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC? - We are OPEN!! Safety is our number one priority in working with clients and canine campers. We use utmost care and take precautions when dogs are being picked up or dropped off, including hand sanitizing, wearing masks, and regular temperature checks of our team members. 

DO I NEED AN APPOINTMENT OR CAN I SWING BY? - Confirmed appointments are mandatory for all of our services. You may not stop-in for any services without an appointment. This is for the safety and well-being of our campers and our team members. Please call if you would like to make a reservation or stop by.  

CAN I BOOK LESS THAN 2 WEEKS BOARD & TRAIN? - Not if this is the first time your dog has trained with us. When we've tried training for shorter periods in the past it hasn't been received well by the dogs. Quite often, there is a period where we have to undo a dog's previously learned bad habits before we can properly teach the expected behavior which takes time. 


I'M GOING TO BE AWAY LONGER THAN 2 WEEKS... CAN YOU KEEP MY DOG LONGER? - Occasionally a dog may need more than two weeks board and train to completely remove bad habits. If this is the case, then we will charge each additional night at a training rate. This is pretty rare, however, so we're more than happy to continue looking after your pup on a board only basis. Boarding rates can be found here.


I'M WORRIED ABOUT BEING AWAY FROM MY DOG FOR 2 WEEKS OR MORE - Honestly, it is your pup's best interest to be away from common distractions and everyday life situations while they are learning how to be good furry family members. This is helpful in building good habits and behaviors away from the environment where they may have been performing some not-so-good behaviors. We will send you videos or pictures every evening to show their progress so you won't feel far away.

WILL MY PET BE BY THEMSELVES OR WITH OTHER DOGS AND PEOPLE? - Your pet will be with other dogs and people.
If your dog has behavioral issues with other dogs, they will be required to be walked, enriched, stimulated, and fulfilled separated from other dogs. If appropriate, during walks, exercise, enrichment, socialization, and playtime, your pet may socialize with other people and pets at the park or at the beach, and in social settings to keep them active, mentally and physically challenged and engaged.


WHO WILL BE LOOKING AFTER MY DOG IF THEY BOARD WITH YOU? - Our team of trainers and carers have over 25 years of combined animal welfare experience! We've looked after and trained dogs owned by some of the biggest names in Hollywood & Los Angeles so we're confident you and your pup will be just as happy with our services as they have been. We also love, love, love dogs and offer tons of interactive play time and tummy rubs! 


WHAT WILL MY DOGS EAT WHILE IN YOUR CARE? - You will need to supply enough of your own food to cover your dog's stay with us.

WHAT VACCINATIONS DO YOU REQUIRE OR RECOMMEND? - All dogs must be current on vaccinations and in good health.  We require the following current vaccinations: Rabies (for dogs 4 months or older), DAP/DHLPP, and Bordetella.  We also highly recommend your dog be current on flea treatment (Frontline, Advantage, etc.). Pets that enter the facility with fleas or ticks will be bathed and given flea treatment at the owner’s expense.


CAN MY DOGS BRING A TOY AND A BED? - You are more than welcome to bring your dog's bed and a toy but we cannot be responsible for the condition they may return in. We do provide toys, bowls, treats, beds, etc for campers while they are in our care. 


HOW CAN I PAY FOR YOUR SERVICES? - Please call us or refer to your Boarding Contract for payment options.


CAN I BOOK MY DOG IN FOR A REPEAT TRAINING PROGRAM? - If your dog has completed a board and train program with us of 2-weeks or longer, we're happy to offer a 'refresher' course for 1 week. If you're going to be away for longer then we can split their stay between our board & train program and standard vacation boarding.  


If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please contact us for more information.

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