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Training Principles

At Camp4Paws, we know that no two campers are the same! So, we use positive reinforcement techniques that are custom-tailored to create the most successful plan for you and your dog. 

Our follow-up session(s) in your home will show you how to use our principles and teachings to build a solid foundation of love and trust between you and your dog.


Our training philosophy is based on the tried-and-true American Kennel Club recommendations; learn more below: 

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Camp4Paws LLC

Training Principles

Our training is based on a positive approach to dog training and behavioral therapy which focuses on mastering basic skills and expanding on them through the AKC's definitions of Duration, Distance, and Distraction. This enriching and positive-methods concept is explained in more detail below.


Dogs are more confident and secure with consistency, so we teach each behavior in short durations to promote learning and then extend the duration of each until your dog knows what is expected of him or her. For example, "SIT" means to stay in a seated position. 


There are times when you need your canine to listen to you when you are out of reach. This is why we focus on behavior when you are not standing right next to your dog with a treat. We believe that performing behaviors from afar is pertinent for safety and health. 


Building on duration and distance, we work around a variety of distractions (other dogs, people, noises, etc) to help your dog understand the importance of listening in various environments. This is an integral part of our 3-week and longer programs to allow time for a dog to learn behaviors and then we can fine-tune them around a multitude of distractions.

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